Peripheral Vascular Leg Simulator

The peripheral vascular leg simulator simulator is a great training tool to demonstrate how to preform a cardiac catheterization and correctly diagnose the condition of a patient's cardiovascular system.

Peripheral Vascular Leg Simulator Main Features:

1) Durability.   The peripheral vascular leg simulator will sustain the wear and tear of the many practice attempts required to become competent in one's accessing and ultrasound technique.  Our self-sealing design simulates hemostasis well and allows for more access attempts per simulator.  This lowers the frequency one needs to re-order, which will save you time and help your budget.

2) Anatomically Correct.  When learning a procedure performed on a human, it is advantageous to practice on an identical trainer.  Accordingly, our simulator's bones and femoral artery are all in the correct anatomical position, and its soft tissue has an extremely realistic texture for accurate palpation.

3) Ultra-Sonography.  Our soft tissue not only feels incredible, its patented design provides beautiful ultrasound image results as well.

4) Pulsation.  The peripheral vascular leg simulator can be purchased alone or with a programmable/adjustable pump.  When attached to the pump, the simulator's pulse can be changed to simulate a patient with a faint or strong pulse.  The pump's fluid return block can be adjusted to create the amount of flashback desired.

5) Customization. All soft tissue trainers can be customized to your unique training situation.  For instance, if you need to train for a peripheral vascular intervention,  we have the ability to put blockages in the blood vessels to simulate varying degrees of atherosclerosis.  Just include it in the scope of your custom project after selecting the free quote button below.

After training with any of our soft tissue simulators (Vascular Access Arm Simulator & Pediatric Arm Trainer),  students will emerge from the experience confident in their abilities and technique.  This will result in better patient care and long fulfilling careers.

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