High Fidelity Manikin Simulator Replacement Parts

High fidelity manikin simulators are prevalent in training programs all over the world.  They can be used to test medical students and personnel on a wide variety of different procedures.  Many of these procedures include some type of injection or incision into a specific location on the manikin simulator.  These locations tend to wear out or are destroyed with normal practice and training which is why these sections of the simulator are designed to be replaced.  Unfortunately, these replacement parts can be extremely expensive.  Grays Bone has recognized this widespread need and has the ability to create inexpensive custom simulator replacement parts.

Simulator Neck Replacement Products

simulator replacement parts

Tracheotomy Replacement Part

In the picture to the right, the replacement sheaths to the right have velcro on each end so they can wrap around a simulator's neck with ease.  These are perfect for tracheotomy training.

Cricothyrotomy Replacement Part

The skins to the left were designed to lay over the neck of a headless torso simulator.  These are perfect for cricothyrotomy training.   Both have the same high-quality texture and feel as the suture skin in the PractiSkin Series, and have an extremely low cost of experience compared to traditional simulator replacement parts.


Simulator Chest Replacement Products

Chest SimulatorThe simulator chest replacement skin depicted to the right is a very cost-effective way to continue training with your high fidelity manikin simulator for multiple procedures such as a tube thoracostomy, thoracic catheter insertion, pleural, chest, and intercostal drains.



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